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Well, this is it. I’ve graduated. Time to face the big, mean world. For a year. I plan to start grad school next fall. But, in the mean time, it means finding work, getting a car, paying off student loans. At this point I’m still processing it all, so I don’t have anything profound to say. God has blessed me with an intellect and mind for academia, a state to support someone like me who cannot afford to pay much for education, and loving family and friends to support me. For those who want to know, I got a 3.898 GPA. Not too bad. I’ve got some posts coming up, if I can tear myself away from Wikipedia.

Check out a blog post I wrote for one of my classes:

What is a Feminist?

So one of the courses I’m taking this semester is Public/Engaged Anthropology, which is exploring how to involve communities at all levels of anthropology, from helping design research questions to producing the final publications to distributing the information. Thursday this past week I heard a guest lecture from Whitney Battle-Baptiste, a black feminist archaeologist (meaning she’s a black feminist archaeologist, and she does black feminist focused archaeology). She explained that for years she resisted the label feminist, because most of the African-American community views feminism as anti-family, anti-men, and fairly self-centered. And she eventually came to the realization that it’s not. Sure, their are feminists who might fall under those labels, but most do not. Battle-Baptiste stressed that “feminism” really is “feminisms” – it’s the idea of listening to multiple voices and allowing multiple viewpoints to be expressed. Her admission of this struggle helped me, because this is something I’ve struggled with. Since working at the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum last summer, I’ve struggled with whether I should call myself a feminist. As a man coming from a white, conservative, Christian perspective, “feminism” came to me with a lot of negative connotations, just like it did for Battle-Baptiste. But I certainly support equal political and social rights for women. I support equal political and social rights for everyone, actually. And I love studying issues of gender, class, and social interactions. Therefore, I’m proud to say: I’m a feminist.

I made this declaration a few days ago on Facebook, with the hashtag #letthefiringsquadcommence. A lot of interesting conversations sprang up, and I think (as I expected) I sparked some controversy from some of my other conservative-minded friends. So my question is: What does feminism mean to you?

Saviour's Samurai:

I think James could have defined law a little better and considered Romans 2, but other than that this is pretty good.

Originally posted on Quantum Crusader:

WRITTEN 2014/01/02

Read only law from the New Testament, and you would think God is a jerk who just likes to tell us about more impossible things to do. Read only grace from the New Testament, and you would think that God suddenly turned into a sixties-era hippie when the Old Testament ended. While grace is (in my opinion) more important for us than the law, it loses its power and purpose without the law.

The law stands, even today. Before any intervention otherwise, you are obligated to fulfill the entire law to earn God’s favor. Even past offenses will result in judgment. Too bad for you then.

Then came grace, through Christ’s death, which does not nullify or cancel the law but instead fulfills it.


That means we must somehow get that grace in order to be justified against our wrongdoings before God, but God gives…

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Okay, my opinion on the Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful” Ad:
1. America does not have an official language
2. America is the most ethnically/culturally diverse country in the world
3. You can share kinship and national identity and pride with people who don’t speak the same language (and not share kinship and identity with those of your own language)

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I last posted. Basically, I just didn’t get around to posting anything during Winter Break, and I had some trouble logging on to my account the past few weeks.
My previous semester went very well, I ended up with a 4.0, which was better than I expected (I thought for at least one course I would have gotten an A-), but I’m certainly not going to complain!
What I did over break:
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Article 1 of Life in Godliness

“I am a god / Even though I’m a man of God / My whole life in the hands of God / So y’all better quit playing with God” – Kanye West, “I Am a God”

Every day, the world tells us that we need to stand out from the crowd, that our identity is dependent on how many people notice us. Every day, the media bombards us with flamboyant personalities and celebrities who go to greater and greater lengths to get attention. Every day, countless girls despise their own bodies, driving themselves to starvation for a perfect body that people will notice. Every day, countless guys resort to recklessness and violence in an attempt to prove themselves as men worthy of notice. But Christians can live free from the hopeless images and laws of the world, as we have died and been reborn with our identity in Jesus. Sadly, however, because we live in a fallen world, remnants of our old, sinful identity remain. Thus, we must rely on the constant outpouring of grace from the Holy Spirit. And we must remember that we are not alone. We should surround ourselves with fellow believers who will encourage us to stand strong in the Word of God and keep ourselves modest. And that is why I have written the following essay, to encourage my fellow believers to stay strong in Christ. The following work is the result of years of personal discovery, research, and quite a lot of advice from people older and more spiritually mature than myself. I therefore pray that God will use my words to encourage, convict, and build up other believers to be stronger and bolder in their faith, and to resist the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

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“… as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue,by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” 2 Peter 1:3-4

About two years ago, I started a series on Christian morality from a New Covenant perspective. I only made two posts, an intro and a piece on modesty. Since then, I’ve matured in my faith, matured in my writing, and matured in my approach. So I’m relaunching the series, starting with rewrites of those two old posts. Basically, this series will (hopefully) be a collection of essays on various practical topics about Christian behavior. I have no real schedule for this series, and no particular number of essays. Basically, I have some ideas in my head, and once I have jotted those down, it is all up to you, readers, to ask for a specific subject. But why am I doing this? Mainly because I want to write down my perspective on some moral issues and how we as Christians can live free from the world’s morality and rely on the Holy Spirit’s writing of Christ’s laws in our hearts. Through my writing, I hope to challenge you, as I myself am challenged, to examine your spiritual life through Scripture, and that the Holy Spirit will use this to draw you closer to Him.

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World Cry

World Cry

Kenneth Mick III

November 22, 2013

What has happened to you and me,

Us, them, society?

From our Father’s path we’ve strayed,

And His creation we have set ablaze.

Listen now, you and I,

And attend the world’s cry.

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This is a German assignment from last semester (spring 2013). English translation at the bottom:

Der Mann, der Berg, der Eintagsfliege, das Kind

Kenneth Mick

26. April 2013

Es war einmal ein viel beschäftigter Mann, der wenig Zeit für etwas hatte. Er dachte über das, was Zeit eigentlich war, und er wanderte durch  die Landschaft um eine Antwort zu suchen. Er kam zuerst auf den Berg, und fragte ihn: “Was ist Zeit”
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