The Traveler

Endless distance, a thousand years is but an instance

For a traveler of space and time.

Feet treading pavement,

Questing toward a point unknown,

See all the trees that wind has sown.

No one has shown him the path.

Walking onward, beyond paved streets,

Howling winds does his face greet

Blinding snow and ice-cold sleet,

Do not halt this travelers feet.

Always tramping, always trudging,

Past strange lands and flags unfurled,

‘Till the traveler strides off the edge of the world,

Climbing upward to the sky.

Stepping through space, touching the stars,

Twirling the galaxies, dancing with Mars.

Quasars, black holes, RV Tauri,

Flaming orbs and glowing nebulae.

Nothing stops his feet,

Always new wonders will he meet.

Endless distance, a thousand years is but an instance,

For a traveler, lost in space and time.

©Kenneth Mick III 2010

[Note: This poem was published in the 2011 issue of the Berkshire Community College Zine.