This is an old piece I did two years ago in English Comp I:


You walk up solid concrete stairs, your footsteps echoing in the small, concrete chamber. The heavy stairs are lifeless and dominating. Sunlight pours in from the small domed skylight, mixing with the artificial light of fluorescent bulbs. You continue upward, one hand sliding along a cold, metal railing covered in chipped black paint. At the top of the stairwell, you open a heavy door made of glass and some unknown metallic material, which is covered in blackish grey paint that reveals chips of blue beneath it.

Past the door, you find yourself in a small lounge. It is very quiet and subdued. You see three upholstered wood couches circling a wooden table. Scattered across the table are local magazines and newspapers. Behind the table and couches you see three large, cork bulletin boards. Numerous announcements, notices, and ads for community events cover the surface of the cork. A student is sitting quietly on one of the couches, absorbed in her work.

You move to the side of the room, where a wooden table is standing. A small pile of academic brochures lays atop of the table in a corner. You sit down, taking in the stillness. It is almost tangible, and you feel it close in about you. But the room is not silent. A faint whirring of central heating makes the room much more tranquil than total quiet ever could. You notice a faint smell of carpet, cork, and paper.

Muffled voices and occasional laughter emanate from K210A, where a class is in session. The sounds of office bustle, echoing and somewhat muted, drift up to your ears from the three halls which intersect the room. Every now and then, a student, faculty member, or staff person will walk by on some business of their own. If one of them speaks, their voice sounds loud, almost like a shout. Quiet is a living entity here, stricter than any librarian, forcing you to comply with its whispered voice.

In front of you is the closed door to K213, the testing center. No one is currently being examined, and it would be even quieter if someone were. Next to that door, study tips, CLEP notices, and testing guides are tacked to the off-white walls. You think back to when you were tested inside that room. What were your feelings then? Nervous, thirsty, excited, all sorts of sensations flit about inside your memory.

But for now, you are just an observer. A few moments pass, and you go back to the door that you entered by, and begin to walk down the solid staircase, wondering if the room even took notice of your presence.