“Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!” 34:8

God tastes good! That’s the analogy that Psalm 34 uses.  Have you ever tried a new food, which you were curious about, and found the taste to be exquisite? We can experience God in much the same way. God isn’t just some abstract being up in the sky somewhere who we can pray to, but someone living whom we can experience with the senses and enjoy.

But I must admit that currently, I have been feeling dry and empty in a spiritual sense. I still believe in God, still have faith, but there is little passion behind that faith. When I read the Scriptures, my soul does not seem to resonate with the message the way that it once did.

However, I do not think that state of emptiness is a state to shunned. Life has peaks and troughs, and our emotions change constantly. Yet God is the same throughout. Desperation for God can drive us to him, can cause us to seek him out more. When we feel thirsty, we take a drink. So when we spiritually are thirsty, should we not drink spiritually? I’ve often found that sometimes the periods of greatest dryness are when God pours out spiritual refreshment. Sometimes, this may be an emotionally powerful moment, other times it might be a gentle and subtle confidence. And God does not guarantee that we will feel good all the time, or that we will suddenly experience deep emotion while worshipping him. But we can know that spiritually, when we take the time to consume his words, we will be refreshed.