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I conducted an interview with some of my fellow Wikipedia editors at WikiProject Christian music, and it was published in Wikipedia weekly newsletter, The Signpost. You can read the interview here.

So that guy Lecrae whose music video I posted the other day? Well, last month he dropped a new mixtape, Church Clothes (you can download it for free at!),  in which he collaborated with some mainstream, non-Christian producers. He was also very harsh on hypocrisy in the Church, and so between his collaboration with “secular” artists and his hard critiques of the Church, he generated some heated controversy. In response to this, he composed a very good blog post on the role of Christians in the broader culture. Please follow the link below, it is definitely worth your time!

This song really strikes a chord with me. Lecrae is a big inspiration for me, and his humility as an artist is amazing.

An old review I did for English class about one of my many, many favorite bands. I did eventually re-write this and submitted it to Jesus Freak Hideout.

Album: Burial (1998)

Band: Extol


– Band:

* Peter Espevoll – Vocals

* Ole Børud – Guitar, Vocals, Flute

* Christer Espevoll – Guitar

* Eystein Holm – Bass

* David Husvik – Drums

– Guest musicians:

*Arnold Børud – Keys

*Maria Riddervold – Violin

“Christian death metal” might sound like an oxymoron, but the Norwegian metal-heads of the band Extol smash that preconception more fiercely than they smash their instruments on their debut album, Burial. Like the Australian band Mortification a decade earlier, Extol proves that Christians can produce visceral, tear-your-face-off metal that is just as good if not better than their non-Christian contemporaries.

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