An old review I did for English class about one of my many, many favorite bands. I did eventually re-write this and submitted it to Jesus Freak Hideout.

Album: Burial (1998)

Band: Extol


– Band:

* Peter Espevoll – Vocals

* Ole Børud – Guitar, Vocals, Flute

* Christer Espevoll – Guitar

* Eystein Holm – Bass

* David Husvik – Drums

– Guest musicians:

*Arnold Børud – Keys

*Maria Riddervold – Violin

“Christian death metal” might sound like an oxymoron, but the Norwegian metal-heads of the band Extol smash that preconception more fiercely than they smash their instruments on their debut album, Burial. Like the Australian band Mortification a decade earlier, Extol proves that Christians can produce visceral, tear-your-face-off metal that is just as good if not better than their non-Christian contemporaries.

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