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Fire and Steel

The flames rise high, over withered fields
as burning sun glints off sword and shield
Who will carry victory, who will yield?
Is destiny fluid, or is their fate sealed?

World Cry

World Cry

Kenneth Mick III

November 22, 2013

What has happened to you and me,

Us, them, society?

From our Father’s path we’ve strayed,

And His creation we have set ablaze.

Listen now, you and I,

And attend the world’s cry.

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by Kenneth Mick

Gibt es wirklich Stille?

Können Sie nicht mehr hören,

wenn Sie nicht sprechen,

und ich schweige?

Wenn alle Geräusche verschwunden scheinen,

Was hören Sie, wenn Sie verstummen?

Einen Herzschlag, Ihren Atem?

Der Absturz von Atomen?

Die Umdrehung der Erde?

Marschierende Ameisen, mehr als eine Milliarde?

Oder vielleicht Wind, Luft, Wasser?

Nein, es ist nie wirklich still.

Die kosmische Symphonie spielt auf.

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America has an Obesity Epidemic

Fat cats

Fat rats


Big banks


Wall Street


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Part I:


This life is such pain.
The vile stench of it fills my decaying nostrils
as it wafts upward to heaven in wretched waves,
An affront to the God I so despise

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Oh, the marvelous wonder of Man,

See the plane fly over Japan

how inexorable his glorious Ways.

the object dropping from its bays,

The Image of the Being Supreme

a product of the American Dream.

thrusts him forward to Perfection.

Grandiose claims of Natural Selection

Wisdom! Wisdom! What grand Pursuit

cannot hide the inner brute,

is the mighty quest for Knowledge

that no one wishes to acknowledge.

that leaves Man from Ignorance emancipated.

Shattered frames will lay emaciated,

No thing shall stay his sure Progress,

and in the flash fluoresce

with infinite Potential, and his Mind so keen,

in a hue of such a ghastly sheen,

all the World surely is within his grasp.

as clouds mushroom from the blast.

©Kenneth Mick III October 2011

[Note: This was published in the 2012 issue of the BCC Zine.]

The Traveler

Endless distance, a thousand years is but an instance

For a traveler of space and time.

Feet treading pavement,

Questing toward a point unknown,

See all the trees that wind has sown.

No one has shown him the path.

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