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This is a German assignment from last semester (spring 2013). English translation at the bottom:

Der Mann, der Berg, der Eintagsfliege, das Kind

Kenneth Mick

26. April 2013

Es war einmal ein viel beschäftigter Mann, der wenig Zeit für etwas hatte. Er dachte über das, was Zeit eigentlich war, und er wanderte durch  die Landschaft um eine Antwort zu suchen. Er kam zuerst auf den Berg, und fragte ihn: “Was ist Zeit”
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Why Do You Take Comfort in the Day of Justice?

A Parable of Judgment

Light beams stream down. I walk down Amos Street, alone on a tree-lit path glowing green from filtered sun. In the distance looms the courthouse, Justice with her sword and scales, looks down on me with covered face. All await dear Lady Justice, for when she comes, crime shall pay the paupers it robbed, and all will be put right. When Justice comes, she will smile. Brilliant light will greet me, so as to make the spring green hue that now surrounds me look pitch black by comparison.

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This was from a history assignment two years ago. Short historical fiction essay:

Pulchrum Barbarus

– Approx. 80 BCE


A noble cursed me today. I do not know his name, but he mocked my mixed ancestry. What does it matter that a distant relative was a Gaul? I’m a Roman as much as him. I thought commander Sulla proved that. Why must our family be forever cast with this stigma? The way of the world is strange.

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