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A hamburger sandwich. Photo by Len Rizzi, public domain in the US. Uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by User:VulcanOfWalden.

It is now a truly international phenomenon: Millions of people throw down patties of ground beef on a grill, cook to order, and slide the meat onto buns to make a sandwich. And the popularity of the hamburger shows no sign of dying out any time soon. But what is the history of this favorite sandwich? Where did it come from?

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I work at Papa Gino’s, a Massachusetts-based pizza chain. So it should come as no surprise that I love pizza, as so many do. Pizza is an American tradition. It seems that the only pie that is more authentically American is apple pie (both foods originated in Eurasia, sorry, the expression is inaccurate!).

But who invented pizza? Where did it come from? It’s from Italy, right?

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For much of my childhood, I disliked chocolate. This probably is because of when I was very young, I once over-ate from a bag of chocolate to the point of being sick. However, I now enjoy chocolate immensely and typically will snack on it at least once or twice a week, sometimes every day. But chocolate as most of us know it now is very different than how it was consumed in centuries past. Chocolate bars and chips, as well as milk chocolate, are inventions only about one hundred fifty years old. For my debut post for History Weekend, let’s look at the history of the chocolate bar:
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