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You see it every day at home, every day at work. It is a commonplace tool, so commonplace that I usually do not give it much thought, yet it is nearly indispensable. It is the broom. A great deal of ingenuity and effort went into the creation of this important tool. Today, we will learn a brief history of its development.


The standard flat broom. Sleek and efficient when compared to its predecessors. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Uploaded by User:Mauzile. CC BY-SA 4.0.

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Rope is strands or yarns of fibers twisted together into a stronger form, and is a staple for everyday life all over the world. But how did it originate? What are some things that it has been used for? This weekend, let’s examine the history of this extremely important and useful tool.


A bundle of rope. Released under a CC0 license.

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History Weekend: The Blog

Considering that this is a blog, I’d thought it would be interesting to look at the history of the blog. How did blogs develop? Why are they called blogs?

The origins of the blog typically are credited to the years 1994 through 1997, when online diaries began appearing. Justin Hall is sometimes called the “founding father” of blogging. He launched an online diary, Links.net, in January of 1994, on which he chronicled his daily life. Another early pioneer is Carolyn Burke with her site Carolyn’s Diary, launched in 1995.

Dave Winer also laid much of the early groundwork for blogging in 1994, with his site Scripting News, which developed many early techniques for World Wide Web syndication. In 1997, Jorn Barger, a diarist inspired by Winer, coined the term “Weblog.” This is the origin of the term “blog,” as we shall see in a moment.

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