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Well, I basically have posted all of my old material, so from now on all of my posts will be up to date. But now I want to relate to you a short story about a rather bizarre and in retrospect rather humorous incident last night. At around 1:40 last night, I suddenly started screaming for I don’t know what reason. I was only partially conscious and completely bewildered. At that same time, my brother leaped out of bed screaming. I was already imagining that the curtains in my room were filled with shadowy shapes closing in on me, and now that my brother was yelling too I was sure that “they” were coming to get us. My brother was now next to my bed screaming, and had knocked over our space heater (it has been off for weeks, so don’t worry about that). I was just laying there in bed disoriented, screaming as loud as I could. Our dad came in and asked what was wrong, and at that point we became fully conscious and had to explain that we had no idea. Apparently, what had happened was this: My brother was having a dream where he was being entangled by a plant, and felt it pinning his arm. At that moment, he heard me screaming and thought there must be something happening to me. He leaped out of bed still asleep, and only woke up after he knocked over our heater. I still have no idea what set me off, obviously there was some type of bad dream. The situation might never have happened except that both of us had a bad dream at the same time, which triggered this panic episode. In retrospect, it was quite funny, and I even thought so last night once I figured out what happened.


Why Do You Take Comfort in the Day of Justice?

A Parable of Judgment

Light beams stream down. I walk down Amos Street, alone on a tree-lit path glowing green from filtered sun. In the distance looms the courthouse, Justice with her sword and scales, looks down on me with covered face. All await dear Lady Justice, for when she comes, crime shall pay the paupers it robbed, and all will be put right. When Justice comes, she will smile. Brilliant light will greet me, so as to make the spring green hue that now surrounds me look pitch black by comparison.

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